Hacking WhatsApp Call Records

Call History Hacking and Account Snooping

To access the account database, enter the account's phone number:

WhatTracker application is available for call tapping and downloading the history of audio and video calls made. Data is available for viewing and downloading in the Dashboard. The online spy runs completely invisibly and functions remotely without affecting the target device.

By registering a profile on the dashboard, you automatically accept all the necessary terms and conditions.

WaTracker: The Best App to Hack any WhatsApp Account
Hacking WhatsApp Call Records

How to Launch Online Spy via WhatsApp?

In order to monitor the call history via WhatsApp completely anonymously, the user can download an archive of recordings to the device as a collection of CSV tables compressed into a ZIP archive. When downloading, you can sort calls by date, participant or duration. We guarantee safe and fast download of the archive.

Call Log

Information about the time, duration and participants of personal and group calls; Downloading call logs to your device

Call tracking

Tracking new incoming and outgoing calls; Notifying the user about a call by sending notifications

Listening to calls

Broadcast audio and video to the Dashboard

Recording calls

Record a call and store it in target WaTracker account archive; Export the recording and download it to your device as an MP4 file

Downloading a database

Downloading call logs, message history and an archive of attached files and media files to the device at a guaranteed high upload speed

Regular calls

Learning and analyzing call logs by artificial intelligence, followed by prediction of time and duration of future calls

Contact List

All available contact information of users who participated in private or group calls with the compromised user

Request verification code

User can get a valid code for 60 seconds, with which he can log in to the compromised account on his device

3 reasons to choose the WaTracker app for tracking WhatsApp call history and wiretapping


Extensive functionality for working with data

In addition to tracking incoming and outgoing calls, the app allows you to download a call log to the device or send it as a CSV spreadsheet to your email account. In addition, the software uses artificial intelligence to establish a pattern of regular calls.

Flexible and responsive notifications

When configuring WaTracker notifications, the user can create different scenarios for sending notifications so that the software does not distract them from their business and only notifies them of important events. There are multiple levels of alert importance (for example, if necessary the software can send out notifications even if the device is in silent mode).

High quality data transfer and recording

Depending on the quality of your Internet connection, the software automatically adjusts the transmission quality. However, even if the Internet speed is low, the application will broadcast the call in a suitable quality for normal listening: for this purpose, the transmission speed will be slightly reduced (however, this function can be disabled).

How to Securely Spy on Audio and Video Calls via WhatsApp?

Artificial intelligence integrated into the software analyzes the regularity and duration of calls, then singles out calls with certain callers into a separate group, also predicting the possible date and time of the next calls.

Capture and view WhatsApp call history online

  • The call history contains information about the time and date of the call, its duration and the initiator of the call. For group conferences, information will also be available about when participants joined the call and when they left it. In the Dashboard, voice calls are marked with a speaker icon, and video calls are marked with a camera icon.

Monitoring the making of new calls

  • Online monitoring of WhatsApp calls is done in real time. When a new call is identified, it immediately appears in the call log, with the duration of the call displayed in the call cell. Also, when a call is monitored, the user receives a notification, on clicking on which he can go to listen to the call and start recording the call.

Remotely recording and tapping WhatsApp calls

Remotely recording and tapping WhatsApp calls

Capture and view WhatsApp call history online
  • When the owner of the target account makes a call, the software accesses it and, on demand, begins streaming audio and video to the WaTracker Dashboard. This approach allows to level out the possibility of wiretapping identification by the messenger security system, and guarantees full anonymity and confidentiality of wiretaps.

Broadcasting conferences with multiple participants

  • The software records voice and video calls in the quality selected by the user, and after the recording is completed, it makes them available for viewing online or downloading to a device as an MP4 file. Important: The recording function is only available to users who have paid for the corresponding service packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you may have when using the software

How can I track who the subscriber was talking to on WhatsApp?
At the moment, WaTracker is the best solution for hacking WhatsApp call history. To trace WhatsApp calls, you just need to go through a quick registration, make a payment and wait 15 minutes while the software hacks the account.
How do I track my WhatsApp call history and wiretapping?
To start tracking your WhatsApp call history, log into the account and set up the notification system the way you want. Once you've completed this process, you'll be able to find out who the WhatsApp user was talking to and about as quickly and securely as possible.
Is there any chance that the user will find out about the account being hacked?
No, unless you tell them yourself. WaTracker's combination of hacking and call history tracking methods ensures that the messenger's security system cannot identify suspicious activity in the account and therefore notify the user.
Will I be able to track the incoming and outgoing calls of another WhatsApp in real time?
Yes, specifically for this purpose the software has integrated a notification system that will notify you of each new call within seconds of its initiation.

Tracking of Hacked WhatsApp Accounts
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