Track Current Device Location via WhatsApp

GPS Geolocation on the Map in Real-Time

Update 3.1 Increased geolocation hacking speed

Enter the phone number of the target account to start geolocation tracking:

WaTracker software gives users access to view all geotags published since the hacked account was created. To optimize geo-tagging, they are displayed in the application interface as an Address Log, which also shows the coordinates of each geo-tag. The publication to which it was attached is also shown.

By registering a profile on the dashboard, you automatically accept all the necessary terms and conditions.

  • 20:52 Hey, did you know you can get a location through WhatsApp?
  • 21:04 map
  • 20:52 Here, this is where you are right now.
  • 21:04 Now that's cool, can you tell me how you did that?

Show the current location of hacked device on the map

Track Current GPS Coordinates and Routes History

WaTracker is the only software solution on the market that syncs with Google Maps and other popular online maps. With WaTracker, you can access geolocation on Google Maps and route to it with one click.

Places and locations

To make this feature available, we've integrated artificial intelligence into WaTracker. The software constantly analyzes user correspondence to track repeated place and location names, and checks if they exist anywhere within 50 kilometers of the user's current location. The list of saved locations is available in the "Places" tab of the "My Account".

Lost device search

In addition to the standard device location tracking feature, this feature makes it possible to search for a device "hot on the trail": The software will record the last geolocation the device was in before it was turned off and will record the device's location even if it was only on for a few seconds.

Calendar appointments and notes

The software synchronizes with Google Calendar and other calendars installed on the hacked device, and duplicates information about scheduled events and appointments in the user's Dashboard. This feature works only if the account owner has enabled the WhatsApp app to access Calendar.

Customer support service

Have questions while using the web app features? Go to the F.A.Q. section. Searching for answers yourself didn't help in any way to solve the "problem"? Submit a request to the Customer Support Service or contact the online consultant at the specified phone number.

Online Routes History Monitoringй

Tracking GPS Geolocation on WhatsApp

WaTracker users can track a target user's location in three ways: on the interactive maps built into their Dashboard, in any web map application, or by exporting GPS coordinates. We recommend using the first method, as it guarantees absolute geolocation accuracy and a maximum latency of 90 milliseconds.

People and Friends Nearby Feature

Motion Processing and Location Tracking

People Around
Stanislav Shutko

4.24 km away

Leonid Efremov

8,17 km away

Marina Ignatieva

11,25 km away from here

The Geotag Collection tab stores all location points ever sent or received by a user on WhatsApp. All media files (photos and videos) to which a geotag has been attached are also available here for viewing. Tracking new locations means tracking new messages in which places have been sent and notifying the user about them.

A Wide Range of Functionality in a Single Place

Online Tracking of Real-Time Locations and Coordinates


Uses SS7 vulnerability to hijack SMS

WhatsApp uses SS7 data hijacking technology to send SMS with recovery code. WaTracker hacking algorithms are designed with a focus on the vulnerability of this technology. Thus, the application intercepts a message containing a verification code.


Account authorization and database duplication

Using code, WaTracker authenticates into a target account on a virtual device. After authorization, the software downloads the account database and deploys it to a third-party interface. The combination of these methods ensures maximum security for geolocation tracking.


Broadcast geolocation to the Dashboard

After the hack is complete, the software begins streaming the location of the compromised WhatsApp account into the Dashboard uninterruptedly.

Latest update WaTracker 6.3.4

Added: Synchronization with Dual GPS.Now, if a target user's smartphone is equipped with a dual-band GPS module, WaTracker will display the device's location with maximum accuracy.

Locations and Places. The software application analyzes all messages for place or location names. All possible names are checked with Google Maps and, if a suitable location is found within 50 km of the user, are saved in the Places and Locations tab of the Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you may have when using the software

Will I be able to track the hacked user's movements in real-time?
Yes, actual geolocation tracking is part of the standard WaTracker service and is available to all app users.
Will I need to add any additional funds to my WaTracker account?
This is up to you if you decide to purchase the new features. Generally, WaTracker operates on a one-time payment model, but if you want to hack other users' WhatsApp or expand the functionality available to you, you will be able to add additional funds to your account.
How does location tracking work for multiple users?
There are two modes of tracking multiple users' geolocation in WaTracker. The first involves tracking each user's location and movements in a separate tab, while the second allows you to see everyone's location on the same map (not very useful if target users are in different cities or countries).
How do I track location of target user via WhatsApp?
To track WhatsApp geolocation by phone number, enter the phone number on the main page of the location tracker and go to registration. The geolocation tracker will start the process of checking the number, and will alert you to the possibility of hacking the WhatsApp account registered to the specified number.

Tracking of Hacked WhatsApp Accounts
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